What people say

These packages don’t help… They rescue!!

Hi Darling,

We got a heartwarming and moving package with all the things we need. I want to thank you from my whole heart to the person that made this donation. No words.

Hi Natali, the package arrived. It saved us!!! Send a huge thank you to whoever made this donation that will make our home full for a bit. It really is heartwarming. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! It came right on time and it really helps  

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the food that was donated. It gave us so much joy and peace of mind. We wish you an abundance of good and shall you be blessed for all the good you’re doing. Thank you very much!

Wow, Lovely Michal, you’re amazing!

I received a package on Friday and didn’t understand at first who it was from.

Then I thanked G-d for all the amazing people He sends our way.

The food package was incredibly organized and packed so beautifully. The kids were so happy and didn’t understand how I could have made such a purchase from Shupher Sal that’s more expensive than Rami Levi?

If this wasn’t sad, we’d be laughing about it.

What a huge privilege these charitable people have! I envy those people who have the opportunity to bring so much joy to other people and feel such great fulfillment doing so.

Michal you’re amazing, and thank you and your wonderful team you’re surrounded with.

Please send them our immense gratitude.

I woke up at 5 in the morning with a start thinking about how will I get through Shabbat with my 4 children ... When I got to work, my phone rang with Shufersal on the line: “Hello you have a delivery today”. Can it be more perfect???

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