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 Welcome to DonateIT. The non-profit charity platform with a twist.



DonateIT is a tech-based nonprofit that aims to revolutionize the way we donate food.

After years of food contribution volunteer work, we decided to raise the bar and create a new social initiative that will provide 100% of the donations to those who need it.  This is unlike other initiatives where a significant percentage of your donation goes to operational costs. Our method is effective, quick, and completely transparent to the donor. We value the privacy of our donors and respect their anonymity, as we provide an abundance of quality food to the needy.


HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? Change Starts from Within...

  • We manage a database of individuals or families in need and raise funds to provide them with food.

  • We cooperate with leading food providers that manage the required logistics and operations.

  • We incorporate a computerized response system that automates the donation process.


  •  The recipient gets an impressive food package delivered to their door. Food packages include fresh produce, eggs, a variety of meats and dairy products, which are all be delivered in a temperature-controlled vehicle.


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כל הזכויות שמורות לעמותת דונייטאיט (DonateIT A.R) ע"ר 58066083. 

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