Is DonateIT a for-profit organization?
No, this is a non-profit organization that strives to maximize donations to provide food packages to people in need.
How do we know where our donation money goes?
Donors will receive a report detailing how much money they contributed and to what purpose, as 100% of donations go directly to the needy.
How is 100% of the donations contributed?
DonateIT has an automated cloud-based process. There is no need for operation expenses such as warehouses, cars, fuels, and employees. Operations are carried out indirectly, not at the expense of the donor.

People in Need

How is the database of the people in need put together?
Our list of people who need help consists of families and individuals referred to us by welfare offices and other non-profit organizations. This database is continuously updated and verified on a regular basis.
Can I recommend others in need?
Part of DonateIT’s ambitions are to increase our reach to more people in need who are unknown to welfare services and are outside our existing database. In the future, we will look into recommendation options to extend our helping hand.

Privacy and Security

Do food providers know these food packages are no              ordinary  deliveries?
No, as far as they're concerned, these food packages are meant for any ordinary customer. This is how we promise the dignity and privacy of the recipients.
Where is the database of people you help stored?
Privacy is a basic and integral part of our project. The information is stored on a secured server to which only a limited few have authorized access.

Deliveries and Operations

​How does the food package delivery work?
Food package deliveries are done in an automated fashion which is cost effective and provides better service.    

How does one know to expect a package?
The recipient receives a text message or a phone call with the delivery details.
​Do you have a nationwide reach?
Currently, we help people from most parts of Israel. Our reach will expand as we continue to collaborate with more food chains and providers in Israel’s outlying areas.

How do you keep foods fresh during delivery?
Food providers use a distribution line that is adapted to the types of food that require refrigeration.

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